Asymmetrical Boobs

The vast majority of the ladies we fit at Avokado have one boob which is bigger than the other. This is totally normal and nothing to be worried about (unless you notice a sudden or new change in the shape or texture of your boobs, in which case it would be worth visiting your Doctor).

The big question is: How do we take this into account when we are fitting?

First and foremost, we always try to fit to the fullest side. Underneath your clothing, it’s definitely better to have a small gap of space in the cup (which will likely not be visible anyway), compared to having you bulging out over the top of your cup.

But depending on the difference in size between your boobs, you might find that some styles just leave too much space. Here are some examples of bras and accessories that could work for you;

T-Shirt  or Lightly Padded bras

Because these bras are ‘moulded’ into shape, they will not pucker so easily if the space isn’t filled out fully. Just tighten up the strap on your smaller side and you will get a nice smooth profile in your clothing.  (Note: Your bra shoulder straps will need separate adjustment and likely will not be at the same adjustment level.)

Try (L-R): Idol by Freya, Idol Allure by Freya, Neve by Fantasie and Daisy Lace Half cup by Freya


Stretch lace bras

Because the top section of these bras are quite elasticated, they can stretch with your fullest side meaning you don’t have to have so much excess fabric on your smaller side.

Try (L-R): Envy by Panache and Jacqueline Lace by Fantasie


Fuller cup bras

Because full cup bras are cut higher on your boobs to fully contain all of your breast tissue, often they will help to ‘smooth out’ areas where you are not quite filling out the bra.

Try (L-R): Cate by Elomi, Fusion by Fantasie and Keira by Goddess


Bra Inserts

Most women with big boobs don’t tend to want to add ‘extra’ volume to their cup, but Silicone bra inserts can be really handy when trying to even out your breasts. Using just the one sold in a single pack, you can create a little extra fullness in your smaller side. Or if you do want to give yourself a bit of a boost, you can buy them in packs of 2.


How does the bra look on me?

In order to check that the bra is doing the right things, we always recommend that you pop a T-shirt or a favourite top on to see that you have the desired shape and uplift from your bra.  This will also show you if you have any of the dreaded ‘double-boob’ on your bigger side.  If this is happening, then you may either need to go up a cup size, or try a different style.

Sports Bras

The whole point of a sports bra is to try and minimise the movement of your boobs whilst you are exercising, so having a lot of extra fabric on one side is just not going to hack it.  We would recommend trying a non-wired compression style sports bra to try and ‘flatten’ your bust, whilst still offering a nice shape.

Try: Max 5527 by Anita (top left), N109 by Shock Absorber (bottom left) and Extreme Lite by Triaction (right)


As with all of our bras, we actively recommend having a professional bra fitting every time you need new bras as different styles will work differently on different people.  If you are unable to pop in and see us, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to help.  We also offer fittings by Skype!


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