How to put on your shapewear

We love how shapewear can transform an outfit and make you feel like a million dollars… BUT, it can also be tricky to put on!

So to make your life easier (because that’s what we’re here for right?!), here are our top tips for putting on and caring for your shapewear;

Choose the right size

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a smaller size is going to ‘cinch’ you in more- it’s likely that it will just roll down (or up) and will leave you with a ‘muffin top’ which is most likely the exact opposite of the look you are trying to achieve!

Likewise, don’t go for a size that is too big as this will not cling to your body enough to have the desired slimming effect.

Go for your usual dress size and let that magic fabric do it’s job!

Pick your time to put it on

Don’t put your shapewear on straight after showering or moisturizing as your skin will likely still be damp or clammy. This will make it a LOT harder to put your shapewear on! Make sure you are in a nice, cool environment and that your skin is dry for a much less stressful experience!

Check your hands!

The fabrics used to make shapewear are extremely delicate so be careful not to damage it when putting your shapewear on by removing all rings, bracelets and watches that could snag or get caught on the fabric. Likewise, be very careful if you have long nails as you don’t want to snag the fabric, or worse, pop a hole through it!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Putting shapewear on like regular underwear is going to take a lot of time and muscle power! Instead, we recommend rolling the shapewear down, in the same way you would hosiery, and then rolling it up the body into place. For example;

Step 1: take your shapewear, in this case, a pair of High Waist Slimming Briefs


Step 2: roll the shapewear down to the hips


Step 3: step into the shapewear and pull up to hip height


Step 4: once in position, roll the shapewear up your body and adjust


The same method can be applied to the Shaping Dress;

Step 1: prepare your Shaping Dress


Step 2: roll down from the top until it is at approximately hip height


Step 3: step into the rolled up Shaping Dress and pull up to hip height


Step 4: unroll the dress and position down over your bottom


Step 5: roll the shapewear up your body and adjust


Hand Washing

As previously mentioned, the fabrics are very delicate, and not to mention technical, so to keep them stronger for longer, we highly recommend handwashing your shapewear.

If you use a washing machine, use a wash bag, a light detergent and cool water to be as kind to your shapewear as possible.

Absolutely, in no event should you tumble dry, dry over a radiator or iron, as the heat will damage the fabrics.

We hope this blog post is useful! If you have any questions around shapewear, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on 09 520 7869 or

You can view our Shapewear range here.


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