Dynamic Sports bra Review

For anyone who doesn’t know, my main motivation for starting Avokado was driven by my frustration as a teenager at having to quit competitive running because of my boobs being such a hindrance.  This was because there were no sports bras in my size, which would have been around an 8GG, the size I currently wear.  Although I recall wearing 12E’s back then, I was never a 12E, but that was the closest fit that was available.  So, now that we have an amazing selection of sports bras, I am back running with confidence again :). This bra has certainly changed my exercise life, and would have been very handy when I was 16!

It’s pretty useful being the owner of a lingerie shop because I have tried and tested most of our sports bras – succeeded with some and failed with others, so I know too well what I look for in a bra for high impact exercise.  My no. 1 criteria would have to be limited breast movement!!  Less important features for me are colour/shape/style, though from being in the fitting rooms I know that these can often sway ladies in favour of a particular bra.  But whatever your sports bra needs, there’s usually a bra to cater.


Firstly, Dynamic (by Freya) is a bra that ticks a lot of boxes – *Non-underwired *Decent size range *Converts to racerback *Wide, padded shoulders straps *Firm fabric *Minimising shape *Refreshing colour, not just black *Great price

TIP: One thing that we found with this style is that the band is very generous i.e. loose fitting. This means that you would want to go DOWN a band size from your usual.  So, I have this bra in a 6H (down a band, up a cup).  Some ladies on the fuller side have also chosen to go up a cup size.  For us, the size on the tag isn’t important, it’s all about getting the right fit!


For the purposes of running (or any exercise requiring a lot of upper body movement), I prefer using the racer back option as this seems to offer more overall support and control (some ladies like this option for under racer back tops).  It takes a wee bit of tweaking and adjusting the straps, so that the racer back hook and eye are within easy reach over your shoulders.  As with any bra, you may need to make adjustments to your boobs once the bra is on.  Not everyone finds the racer back option comfortable, so if you choose not to use it, make sure the shoulder straps are firmly adjusted.

The bounce test (click on the link to see me in action) – once you’ve exercised in a loose or poor fitting sports bra, it’s really easy to be wow’ed by a good fitting bra.  When you have your correct size and adjusted the bra properly, go for a short jog or even just jump on the spot (which is what we ask you to do in the fitting rooms).  This will give you a really good idea of the support and control offered by the bra.  For myself, Dynamic offers amazing ‘hold’ and would rate as one of my top sports bras.  As with all high impact sports bras, not all movement is eliminated (we would need a straight jacket for that!), but most is.  Which means, I can happily focus on my running in this bra and not worry about out of control boobs ;).

But, won’t having no underwires mean it doesn’t support me?”  This is a question we get asked every day.  And the answer is ’no’.  For bras in general, if you don’t feel supported, then it’s most likely not the right size or style for you.  Most of the ‘support’ from a bra (80%) comes from having a firm band.   In our experience, a lot of us don’t wear a firm enough band, which means our bras move around and slip down, reducing the support for our boobs.  If your boobs are popping out of your cups, then the cups are too small or the style is too low cut for you.  The fabric used in sports bras is highly innovative, designed to not only wick away moisture, but is firm enough to support, control and lift without stretching out of shape and becoming loose and baggy.  Although Dynamic doesn’t provide the same separation that an underwired bra would, the 4-part cups do offer a shape that is not just ‘flat’ and squashed.  The lack of underwires actually mean this bra is incredibly comfortable, and especially so if you are wearing it for a decent length of time, and perfect for long distance athletes.

This bra will not suit everyone, for different reasons.  Some of you may find the full coverage aspect quite restrictive, and if you are participating in lower impact activities, it may be more structure than what you need.  My suggestion is to try a few different sports bras to find one that suits your own needs and tastes.  In addition to Dynamic by Freya, our other top bras for higher impact sports are – Energise by Elomi, N109 by Shock Absorber, Epic by Freya, Panache Sports by Panache.  We do, of course, have plenty of other sports bras for any type of activity.

If you are able to visit our Newmarket store, we have an amazing team who can find you the best selection of bras for your sporting needs.  Alternatively, we can offer advice by phone/email/Skype .  Please feel free to contact us for any other information, we’d love to help!

Enjoy your new found sporting freedom!

Cheers, Claire

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