The struggle with size

I’m from the UK and was checking in on the news from the motherland when I came across this really interesting article about larger cup bras in the UK. Obviously, this is a subject close to my heart…. quite literally….and it got me thinking about New Zealand and the lingerie market here.

From experience (having worked at Avokado for nearly 5 years), most people know that the bra they are wearing is probably the wrong size, but somehow after being fitted, they struggle to get their head around the new, actual size. But who can blame them? For years and years, we have been led by the media to believe that a DD cup is MASSIVE! So how are you supposed to deal with it when we tell you that you are actually a G not a C? Blame misinformation.

Because the range of bras available on the High Street in larger sizes has traditionally been pretty bleak, people fall for the trick of going up in the band size to compensate for the cup, not knowing the bra fitting rule that the cup size changes with the band size. So you might believe you are a 18D, but you could actually be an 8G- the same cup volume, just with a correctly fitted band size (this sounds extreme but this was honestly the size I was ‘fit’ into with a tape measure when I was a young woman with big boobs!).

Loose band
EEEK! How not to fit a bra! “But the tape measure said I was an 18D!!!

Luckily, there are now lots of lingerie manufacturers who understand that there is a demand for gorgeous, but functional bras in larger cup sizes (Freya, Goddess, Fantasie, Elomi to name but a few). However, you still don’t tend to see too many of them on the High Street as they tend to cost more (due to the additional ‘engineering’ required with a larger cup bra), and it’s a big investment for stores to hold stock in the increased number of sizes needed (we stock 127 different bra sizes alone).

So your best bet is to come visit us! At Avokado, we’re proud to stock an awesome selection of larger cup bras that are pretty, practical and all styles in between, as well as use a modern fitting technique to ensure that the fit is perfect (i.e no tape measures!)

You won’t look back!


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