Caring for your bras

We love lingerie and we love to make sure you get the absolute best out of yours! That’s why, if you visit us in store or buy from us online, you will always receive either some verbal, or printed care instructions from us.

As lingerie and swimwear are delicate items (some made with over 50 different pieces!) we STRONGLY recommend you hand-wash them. And we are not alone…..the lingerie manufacturers suggest you hand-wash them (it’s printed on the inside of all the labels) and washing machine manufacturers also advise against putting bras in the washing machine….but so many people still do it!

Granted, lots of people chuck their bras in the machine and have no problems for years and years- but the washing machine is causing damage that you might not necessarily notice at first. Our friends over at Curvy Kate conducted an experiment where they washed one bra by hand and an identical bra in the washing machine. This excellent blog detailed exactly what happened to the 2 bras and it should hopefully make you think twice about using a machine again!

Unfortunately, we do also see instances where bras HAVE been damaged inside a machine. Hooks pulled and snapped, wires bent out of shape and forced through the fabrics (or in extreme cases actually snapped in half!), fabrics torn or shredded away, friction burns, melted pieces…’s very sad!!!

So if you love your lingerie as much as we do, please please PLEASE take good care of it and follow all of the care instructions properly.

Hand-washing is super easy;

  • Fill your sink with cool water (not hot as heat can affect the delicate elastics and fabrics)
  • Add your lingerie/swimwear and a touch of hand washing detergent (if you choose) and give them a good soak
  • Rub/massage the fabric to remove any dirt but be careful not to bend the wires out of shape
  • Give them a good rinse in fresh water to remove dirt and any residue from the detergent
  • Allow to dry naturally- do not go near a tumble dryer, heater towel rail or any other instrument that projects heat!!! Heat can damage the delicate elastics and fabrics in your bra.
  • Voila! Or you can be lazy like me and just give them a good rinse in the shower!

We do know that some people are still going to use the machine, so if you do;

  • Please use a fully encased lingerie wash bag (not a netted one with large holes that hooks and straps can slip through)
  • Set your machine to a COOL, GENTLE cycle (BEWARE: some hand-washing settings on machines are still 30 degrees and this is TOO HOT!)
  • Make sure you use a light detergent- some are so full of chemicals that they wreak havoc on the delicate fabrics. Fabric Conditioner is a big NO NO.
  • Make sure you do not overload the wash as you do not want the wires to get squashed by other items.
  • Do up the hooks so that they do not get latched onto the inside of the machine through the wash bag.
  • And then say a little prayer 😉

Remember, that we are unable to offer a refund/exchange if items have been damaged in a washing machine, even if a Lingerie Wash Bag has been used… use the machine at your own risk!

We hope this is helpful and that your bras have a nice long life!

Here is more info on care instructions. Happy Reading!


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